Privacy Policies

The company [THE RIBBON REVELRY] and the website [] believes and understands that the information shared by you [user] on the website is your [users’] personal information and shall not be leaked in any case. Hence the company [THE RIBBON REVELRY] give immense importance to the information provided by you [user] and insure that it will not transfer or sell or share your [users’] personal information to any third party whosoever under any circumstances. This is also valid to the users who are not registered but do provide their basic information in order to go through the website. You [user] are of utter importance for the smooth running of the website and so is your information.
The company [THE RIBBON REVELRY] may change the terms and conditions and/or the privacy policy according to the need and requirement of the market change whenever we might feel the change to do so and hold complete right to do so. The company [THE RIBBON REVELRY] thus, request all the readers/visitors to re-read the policies at regular intervals and if something is found that is not acceptable by the user, the use of the website [] shall be immediately ceased by the user.
The content of the website [] may include some external links for the benefit of the visitors. This website however has no control over the other websites and/or their content. The website only uses the external links for the readers to know and understand more over certain topics. The website [] holds no responsibility of the content developed by other websites whatsoever. Neither do the website endorse any sort of advertisement nor do it promotes any website through its external links.
Company [THE RIBBON REVELRY] wish to acknowledge the user here that it refers to users’ personal information of high importance and values as confidential information that must be given highest concern. Company and the website shall never share users’ personal information provided by the user to any third party under any circumstance, unless it’s for a legal work to the appropriate authorities. The company [THE RIBBON REVELRY] also acknowledges that users’ email id [if any] shared or provided by the user will neither be given to any third party, nor will be used to send any sort of e-mails which directly or indirectly are not related to the website.
Users must know and understand that the website [] has a complete right to access/modify/change/update the content and holds a complete copy right on the images used on the website.
The company [THE RIBBON REVELRY] strongly believes in changing/developing for the better. Write us at [email protected] in case of any queries about our businesses, career opportunities, and/or any suggestions for the website and/or the company [THE RIBBON REVELRY]

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